This season the Fuel have partnered with RTV6 Indianapolis to visit schools around Central Indiana to promote literacy and reading to classes of all ages. 

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The Fuel recognize how critical reading is for learning at a young age. With the help of RTV6 Indianapolis and Shelbourne Knee Center Indy Fuel players have been able to visit several schools throughout the Indianapolis area. BookMark Back.jpgKids Reading Club.jpg

As part of the program every student receives a Indy Fuel Book Club Bookmark with three blank spaces for books they have read. If the student reads three books and fills out the bookmark they can redeem it at the box office for a free ticket to a Fuel game. 

Questions about ticket redemption can be forwarded to  Matthew Louck at [email protected]

Are you interested in bringing Indy Fuel players and RTV6 on air talent to read to the students at your school?  

Please fill out the form below to be considered for our program. You can also contact Halston Mavrick, Director of Community Relations, with any questions at [email protected]