New to the game? Brush up on a few basics below

Game Length

Games are divided into three (3) 20-minute periods with 17-minute intermissions after the first and second periods. If the score is tied during the regular season, teams will play a four-on-four, five minute, sudden death overtime period. If the score remains tied, the game will be decided in a five-round shootout.


When any member of the attacking team is inside the opponent’s blue line when the puck crosses, offsides is called. If the player or team that is deemed offside does not have possession of the puck at the time of the infraction, a delayed offsides is called and play will continue if the offending player “tags up” in the neutral zone.


When a player shoots the puck up the ice from the defensive side of the center red line across the opponent’s faceoff dots in the opponents’ zone, icing is called as long as a player on the offending team does not arrive at the opponent’s faceoff dots first. This rule does not apply to a team playing short-handed due to a penalty or if the puck is shot on the opponent’s goal.

Referee Penalty Signals